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    SQL Log file grows to limit, but it can be shrunk and used space is listed as 1%.

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      3 ESXi Hosts 5.1.0, 1463097 in a cluster.


      MS SQL 2008 R2 server (SQL Server 10.50.2500) on a VM MS Windows 2008 R2 Standard server.


      Instance name VIM_SQLEXP

      DB name: VIM_VCDB.

      Recovery model: Simple


      DB growth by 1MB unrestricted. Current Database size: 3887MB

      Log growth by 10% restricted to 4GB max. Current size after shrink this morning 2MB BUT


      Every morning the log file has almost run full but the VMware VirtualCenter Server service is running and I can start the vSphere Client. I know if I don't shrink the log the service will stop later today or tomorrow.


      I have studied and followed

      Determining where growth is occurring in the VMware vCenter Server database (1028356),

      SQL Server Recovery Model Affects Transaction Log Disk Space Requirements (1001046)

      Troubleshooting transaction logs on a Microsoft SQL database server (1003980)


      but I can't see any table growing that much. I can see that  VPX_EVENT grew about 28MB over night but nothing else looks alarming.


      Any ideas what it could be?


      Best Regards

      Peter Rasch Lageri