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    Mount vmdk from one VM in a different VM... any risks?

    getut Enthusiast

      I have a Win 2008 server VM that a contractor got infected with a virus. I want to do an "offline" virus scan on that entire VMDK.


      Here is my plan, I need to know if there is anything I plan to do that will cause problems... specifically snapshots and things.


      1) Snapshot the server VM.

      2) Install a separate windows client VM, and nstall malware detection software in it.

      3) Attach the servers VMDK to the client VM and scan it.

      4) Detach the VMDK from the client VM

      5) Attempt to restart the server VM as long as the AV software didn't remove any infected files critical to boot or operation


      Apart from the risks with it being non-bootable if the AV software removes any critical files that are infected. Will I encounter any problems with this process that aren't directly related to malware cleaning?