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    Workflow run SSH command - PATH

    Camberton Novice


      I'm trying to use the SSH plugin to execute a command.



      But when the command is running, the environnent variables (PATH) are by default and i want to set different to execute specific commands.



      I tried to use "session.addEnvironment" but no effect.


      Tried to use "export PATH=$PATH:paths....." in the "executeCommand" but no effect.



      Is there a way to configure specific variable environnement ?



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          mr_bib Novice

          I know this is a very old post, but it's the only post I found in the whole world I think about this topic!


          I've just spent a good chunk of time trying to figure this out, so for the benefit of future Googlers, you need to configure the "AllowEnv" parameter in sshd_config on the remote server.


          For example, if you add the following to the end of /etc/ssh/sshd_config:

          Match User vro

               AllowEnv VRO_*


          ...then if you use session.addEnvironment("VRO_TESTVAR", ... then the "VRO_TESTVAR" will be passed to the SSH session of the "vro" user.


          Hope that helps someone else in the future!



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