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    The resource kind that has eaten our vCops o how to exclude some objects from being collected!

    ShawnPD Novice

      We are currently using vCops 5.8.0 Build 1537842.  While following Sunny Dua's excellent posts on "http://vxpresss.blogspot.in/2013/05/part-1-using-vcops-super-metrics-custom.html I discovered 10s of thousands of resources under Resource Kinds | Datastore.  Our Backup team uses Commvault through a esxi proxies to snap luns to protect the LUNs in one of our data centers.  The snapped LUNs are mounted on the proxy and then unmounted when the backup is complete.  Unfortinately, vCops has collected these as resources and needless to say with our protection cycle there are many,many of these reources left with the lovely white question mark on the blue background


      My question then is...is there an easy way to set an exclusion for anything with the name GX_BACKUP?  This would prevent the collection of these temporary objects?


      Also as an extra added bonus if anyone knows of a quick easy way to delete over 16000 resources all with that name...well that would be a bonus!


      Please let me know if I can provide any further info that may help you help us out!