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    vmware Fusion 6 - vmware tools core service does not work

    DermaKoeln Lurker


      I have downloaded VMWARE Fusion 6 for test purpose, as I want to upgrade my macs to that version.

      I use the latest Mac OS 10.8, have installed Windows 7 Prof. 64bit after installing VMWARE Fusion 6. It is a brand new iMac

      I get the following error message after starting Vmware Fusion:

      "Vmware Tools Core Service funktioniert nicht mehr" -> in english probably: "Vmware Tools Core Service does not work any more".

      See attachment.

      I have tried the following already: Re-installation of VMWARE tools, Change of memory allocation and cpu allocation (from 2 to 1 core). Nothing changes...


      Answers in German or English are welcome!


      Best regards,

      Andreas Schlossberger