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    View 'Agent Unreachable

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      I’ve got a client with a vCenter 5.0/ View 5.0.1 environment using Windows 7 linked clones and 2 sub domains and many of the VMs in one domain are showing Agent Unreachable. The client has been suffering from this for the last week, but they were previously fixing it by resetting the VMs or restarting the VC which brought everything back up for a few days. This morning its happened again and they have been unable to fix it. The desktops show as Available, and then a few minutes later show “Agent Unreachable” however there is nothing in the View, VC or Agent logs that show why this is happening and the View Agent Service is still running. They have tried restarting the service, resetting the desktop, refresh, manually reverting snapshots, recomposing, restarting VCS, VC and SQL all to no avail. This is only affecting the VMs on one domain, but not every linked clone in the pool and not every pool using that image and these pools were previously working without issue. Anyone have ANY suggestions as I’m reaching the end of my tether?

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          This is very similar to my issue that I recently wrote about with slow boot times:


          After a weekly refresh, the vm in VMware Horizon View shows a status of "Startup" and will not allow someone to boot to the machine unless I manually reset their machine. This recently started happening, there are no error messages, it just hangs at startup. At other times, vm's can take 10 minutes or longer to boot. What would cause these issues? This is a Windows 7 64 bit machine and no changes have been made.


          Some of us at my company are thinking there's an issue with their View Agent and I'm wondering if there's a VM expert on the boards that can address this? Thanks.

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            You should probably open a Support Request with VMware support.