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    TinyCore Builder for VMware View (0.8.9b 20.02.2013 ) - Timezone and Keyboard issue

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      Let me start of by saying that I'm not a linux expert. We have Horinzon View setup running Windows 8 virtual desktops and we want to use old computers as dump terminals. I created the tinycore USB bootable image from http://repurpose.vmwarecloud.at/ and it boots up straight into the horizon view client which is great.


      I unfortunately have two problems with the tinycore linux image,


      1) Timezone is not correct, we are in South Africa. (UTC +2) The time on the tinycore linux is exactly 2 hours behind, so I just need it to add 2 hours.


      2) Keyboard - Caps lock and Shift button. I have to press CAPS LOCK twice to get capital letters and twice again to make it lower case again. Holding Shift down and pressing a letter does not give me upper case.


      I've also loaded Ubuntu onto a flash drive and I do not have the above issues, but it is very bloated install and the user has too much other apps to click on. Also I'm struggling to get this one Ubuntu flash drive copied onto other flash drives. If I can get the above two issues resolved the Tinycore image would be perfect.


      Any help would be appreciated. Please if you explain something do it step by step as I'm not an expert in linux.