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    BUG: VlanID always zero for vSwitch PortGroups

    schistad Enthusiast

      After upgrading vCO 5.5 to 5.5.1 I discovered to my dismay that it is now impossible to retrieve the vlan ID for a traditional portgroup; the reported vlanId is now always '0' (not null or undefined).


      This is clearly a bug, and in my case it breaks all sorts of things.


      I use the following code, which worked in 5.5:


      var hosts=Server.findAllForType("VC:HostSystem");

      var host=hosts[0];


      for (var n=0; n<allpg.length;n++) {


        var pgvlan=spec.vlanId


        System.log("Portgroup "+pgname+" has vlan "+pgvlan)


      As of version 5.5.1, the vlan ID returned is always 0.