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        BeenC Novice

        Hi CP7,

        I have been meaning to update, as I've made a lot of progress, but the holiday season has been busy to say the least. I have moved most of my servers into our VMWare environment, along with 8 customer service and 2 dev VDI guests. The Tegile unit is serving all of it without breaking much of a sweat at all. Wanted to note that Nimble may have changed their offering since I looked at them last, I think it has been almost 8 months now. Also, IIRC, Nimble uses RAID 6 by default. At any rate, I've answered each of your questions below


        1) My experience with Nimble directly was not so great. Sales was nice up front, but as soon as it looked like I might go with Tegile the sales rep immediately resorted to trying to guilt me into their product by telling me he had already gone to his boss for pricing approval and so on. I talked to others who had a similar experience. This is unfortunate because Nimble obviously has a good product, but bad attitudes can spoil many things.


        2) I spent more than that ($20k) on our Tegile unit, but we got the dual controller HA2100 w/10GBe NICs and 3/yrs support. So all I can say is this: Tegile was absolutely excellent to work with, both from a technical and sales aspect. We had a tight budget line to meet and they made it happen and have taken excellent care of us since.


        3) Yes, Tegile has all that plus dedupe. I have been using compression and dedupe on all LUNs and the unit still has low processor utilization and steady RAM utilization (RAM is also used for another tier of caching "hot" data, in addition to general system use).


        4) The HA2100 comes with 16 drives total, in ours there are 3 eSSD drives. 2 are used in a RAID set for caching written data and meta data, the other is used for caching "hot" read data. The other drives are eSATA 7200rpm drives, which I set up in the ZFS equivalent of RAID 10. This gave us the best speed and redundancy, and left me with about 10TB useable storage when all is said and done (which was more than I needed). I'd also like to note that dedupe has saved a ton of space on the LUNs used for storing OS drives for servers/VDI desktops.


        5) I'm not familiar with v3sys, and didn't have the time to read up on it when posting today. I'll have to look into it.


        6) There are six 1GB NICs per controller, and we added two 10GBe NICs. We use the 10GB NICs for connection to an iSCSI only switch, those are what serves the VMWare hosts. I only use the 1GB NICs for connection to the server subnet so the Tegile is available for administration. There is also an IPMI port per controller that are quite useful.


        Hope all that info helps. This may be my last post here. I plan to finish deloying the other 20+ VDI hosts in January and foresee no issues with the Tegile handling VDI + server workloads, and doing it with better performance than we were getting from our older servers!


        Happy hunting and have a Merry Christmas!!



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          depps Lurker

          Hows this running with VDI and Server VM's? We're looking at doing similar - 20 VDI's and 50 VM's on Tegile or Nimble and 3 DL360's - majority of VM's are low IOPS just a-lot of backoffice systems ticking away.

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            BeenGD Novice

            Hi depps,

            Our setup is running very well, and (knock on wood) we haven't had any issues. I now have all of my production/development servers and VDI desktops running on our HA2100 24/7 (24 server workloads and 27 VDI desktops between our CS and accounting dept.). Performance has been consistent and fantastic, even during vMotions, VDI refresh/recomposures, etc.. Tegile CS has been great with every interaction, which has mainly been just for firmware/OS upgrades. I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to recommend choosing Tegile for your needs, they are a great value all around. As always though, be sure to gather info and do your comparison (I have looked at changes to Nimble's systems in a while). If you have any detailed questions, feel free to contact me directly. Take care!



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              iamxCPx Enthusiast

              I'll second BeenGD,


              I have deployed tegile HA2100 on two sites.

              Site 1 - VMware View VDI: ~35, VM Servers: ~35.

              Site 2 - VMware View VDI: ~50^, VM Servers: ~50


              ^ - hosted on FusionIO card because the site required an instant recompose.


              No issues at all at Site 1 when the View is fully hosted there. Recompose will be a bit slower than FusionIO but that's normal.

              I even carved it out a few TB to use as my daily Veeam backup repository and no performance being impacted.


              Tegile support is TOP notch. They are very responsive even when you call them at midnight or 2 am. (I did test it once)

              I wish VMware support is like that. Lol.

              My only gripe is still the storage dashboard. They did make a big update just recently so it's way better than before but I still think Nimble wins on that part. But the engine I believe is better than Nimble.


              Maybe ask for a POC on their smaller storage and test it out yourself?



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