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    Unable to build even a simple CentOS VM... Stuck on Added to Build Queue

    rdsilva Lurker

      Hello all. I am having a very frustrating problem. I am running Virtual Center Server 5.5b and running ESXi 5.5 build 1623387 . I cannot get VMware Studio 2.6 to build any kind of VMs. I am specifically trying to build a vanilla, all defaults, no custom changes, VM template. I accept all the default options when i create my build profile. When i choose to build the template the only thing that happens is it says it's Building and the Build Log only shows [info] Added to build queue and it does not proceed from there. I initially had my build profile pointed to my vcenter server. one day i decided to change it to one of the individual esxi 5.5 servers directly. for ONE day after pointing the build profile to the ESXi server directly i was able to build VMs! But then i came back to work the next day and it wont build any more even though i didnt change anything overnight and it's still pointed to the ESXi server. Since then i tried changing the ESXi server to each of the 4 physical hosts i have. I tried pointing it to the vmware vcenter server again as well. I even tried changing the platform to deploy to a vmware workstation host. NOTHING seems to happen except it shows ADDED TO BUILD QUEUE. No matter what type of  host i post to, it just will not go past the ADDED TO BUILD QUEUE step. I dont know why it worked one day any not the next. The verbose.log file in the /build/xxx/status directory does not hold any other info. it also just shows ADDED TO BUILD QUEUE. I cannot figure this one out and i've been hammering away at it on and off for almost 2 weeks now. It is getting critical now for a project I am responsible for which involves building a virtual appliance to run our compmany's software on . I cant even get a simple CentOS VM to build so im getting very nervous about this as im on a time line with only 2 weeks left!


      Does anyone have any ideas here? My ESXi hosts are connected to a Pillar SAN. We have 3 hosts in a HA cluster with DRS enabled. We have a 4th host running off of just local storage which i also tried to use as a build server and it did not work either. It's always the same progress. Stuck on added to build queue.


      I really appreciate any help that can be provided. I havent edited anything on the studio appliance. its a very basic studio config. i just set the IP config and it i was able to connect to it. I uploaded the CentOS ISO to the studio appliance which is the closest i came to modifying the server. then i tried creating my build profile and it always hangs up forever on the first step: Added to Build Queue.


      Thanks in advance for any help. I really need to resolve this. It makes no sense to me. There doesnt appear to be anything wrong and i cannot figure out no matter how many times ive tried reubilding the studio appliance what the problem is.  This is almost an out of the box config with a vanilla centos VM template. Any ideas??