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    PowerCLI question for ESXi 5.*

    mmAsurion Lurker

      I'm trying to get the serial number of ESXi hosts. Get-View seems to be the only way to do it, but it only returns a serial number/service tag on 10% of my 700+ VMhosts. Is this a bug?

      The server manufacturers are Cisco, IBM, and HP, but about 80% are Cisco UCS blades. What's weird is I may get a result with one Cisco UCS blade that is in the same Chassis with a blade that gets no result. I'm running mostly vCenter 5.0 with ESXi 5.0 build 804277.

      Here's a script snippit:

      Get-View -ViewType HostSystem -Property Name, Summary  | select name, { $_.Summary.Hardware.OtherIdentifyingInfo | where {$_.IdentifierType.Key -eq  "ServiceTag" } | % { $_.IdentifierValue } }