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    vCenter 5.5 Web Client Login - Authenticating hangs for minutes...

    amahler Novice

      I just finished an upgrade on the VCSA from the latest 5.1 to, I assume, the latest 5.5.0b. Upgrade was shockingly fast and clean and, thus far, the only major thing out of sorts (aside from the missing environment variable for Java causing remote consoles to fail - I fixed that) is the login process.


      This is a very simple VCSA running all embedded services (database, SSO) with no outside authentication or other complexities. The few user accounts and passwords appear to have come across just fine as well.


      Every login works, but the animated "Authenticating" progress bar hangs on the screen for several minutes before allowing the user access. Once in, things appear to work fine (at their usual level of sluggishness, but no worse than 5.1 ever was for us).


      Any thoughts on the source of this interminable hang?


      - Aaron