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    VDP Backup Failure with Windows 2012 R2 Domain Controller

    AlexanderCapaldi Novice

      I've tried several times to backup our domain controller (NTS501-PDC01), each time it fails at the 'create snapshot step', with the 'VDP: Backup Job' task, for it, failing shortly before the (separate) 'Create virtual machine snapshot' task completes (apparently OK).


      All 20 other VMs of various operating systems in our network complete ok.


      The attached file is the output from 'Collect Client Logs' (download here), I've also created a full log bundle 'VCDPLogBundle03070815.zip', the log for the last failed but its 1GB in size.


      The log was generated with the --debug switch set on in the avvcbimageAll.cmd file.


      I'm not sure of the cause of this failure, particularly helpful would be more info on the, above mentioned, avvcbimageAll.cmd file (which appears to be be the main config file for the, underlying, EMC Avamar backup technology).


      I think it may be some sort of timeout issue, and I found a reference to an issue, for an earlier version of VDP, that involved setting '--subprocesstimeout=600' in an 'avccbimage.cmd' file (this related to removal of snapshots at the end of the job, but the similarity makes me think it may be a useful avenue to follow), but would like to find some sort of reference on the configuration options prior to trying it, the only test i have tried is backup another vm with a 7.5GB raw device mapping and that worked.



      Memory: 4GB

      CPUs: 4

      SCSI controller LSI Logic SA

      VMDK1: 40gb

      VMDK2: 20gb

      VMDK1: 20gb

      VMDK1: 40gb

      RAW Device Mapping: 500gb

      Thin Disk Provisioning

      Windows 2012 Essentials Server R2 64bit

      Nic1: VLAN0

      Nic2: VLAN30



      Host version: latest esxi 5.5

      Running in a full vCloud 5.5 environment