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        J1mbo Virtuoso

        As of build 502767 (and possibly before) the learn cycle is correctly reported at least for Perc-6i controllers, "Battery on Controller 0 Discharging ... (Learn Cycle Active)"

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          Nilopher25 Novice

          Even I face the same error with my organization's esx servers ... but disabling the alarm is not the only solution .... what if I really want to monitor the battery status and after disabling the alarm , obviously it won't be possible .... Any suggestions or alternatives ???

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            FranciscoBatista Novice

            Upgrading to esxi 5 solved the alarm anoying problem for my costumers.

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              SkyGuide Lurker

              I had the same issue in my data center. Old Dell PowerEdge 1950 servers started to generate this alarm.


              Only the servers with a separate dedicated battery to for RAID controller where generating this alarm.


              So in my case this was NOT a ghost alarm, it was very real.

              The battery in question is connected to the RAID controller to keep the memory modules alive for RAID while its moving data back and forth between the drives.


              This batteries do have a finite life span and eventually they do stop charging.


              The PE 1950 without the separate RAID card installed (and no separate battery) did not had this issue. All my PE1950 where made in the same year.


              SOLUTION... in my case was to buy the new battery, shut the host down, replace the battery, restart the host, Acknowledge the alarm, reset it, and that's it.


              Once I replaced the battery in two of my old PE1950 - alarms stopped.


              Hope this helped.


              The Battery you want to replace sitting next to the RAID card in the left corner of the server (PE 1950) close to the front panel, near by the power button. Battery kind of large, inclosed in the black plastic, resembling old fat cell phone batteries.

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                JohnnyLeung Novice

                Hello guys


                Now I have similar problem again "Battery on Controller 0 (Learn Cycle Requested)" for more than 36 hours, I have tried to reboot the server several times, but it does not help.


                IBM has confirmed that the battery does not need a replacement, but its in Learn Cycle Requested, anyone knows how long will it take for a learn cycle, and how to determine if the warning message is fake or not and how to get rid of it?


                Thanks a lot for your help.



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