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    What is Lab Status?

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      I'll probably get a blog post out there on this sometime soon, but I wanted to get the information out since we're getting ready to publish new versions of just about every lab over the course of the next week or two.


      We are in the process of implementing a desktop badge that indicates whether all of the services needed to run a lab have been started successfully. This should eliminate the "guessing game" that sometimes needs to be played when you get a lab that has just been deployed rather than one that has been sitting there waiting for you.


      To that end, some of the new labs have implemented this mechanism fully while others have not, and still others are in an intermediate state. For this to be effective, we have the display mechanism: a DesktopInfo tattoo on the wallpaper, which looks like this



      And an initialization script that detects whether the services have successfully loaded and changes the "Lab Status" to "Ready"


      The goal is that a lab which shows Lab Status of "Ready" is good for you to use. Unfortunately, certain labs only implemented the first part (the display and not the script), so they show "Not Ready" all the time. We are going thorough and cleaning them up as we can, but wanted to get the new content out as quickly as possible.


      While we get this worked out, "Ready" means good while "Not Ready" means "probably not ready yet, but maybe." By the time we get around to VMworld, our goal is to have this badge implemented 100% for the new labs. At that time, you'll be able to trust that "Not Ready" means, "I'm working on it."


      Enjoy your labs,