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    vcdx sizing question

    peterjakobs67 Novice


      It's not so cleat to me how big a project for a vcdx defense should be.

      I need to design a new exchange/sharepoint/lync solution for 22000 users hosted on vsphere.

      Will this be large enough for a vcdx ?



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          markgabbs Novice

          It's not about how large the project it.

          It is about how you take the business requirements, map them through conceptual, logical, and finally physical design.

          It is the Architecture & Design itself, risk mitigation, along with an implementation guide, and ongoing operations laid out.


          Size is not important.

          Being concise in your documentation, design choices, and knowing the components that went into your design is important.

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            weinstein5 Guru

            I agree with Mark - it is not about size but the process you go through to develop the design and address the obstacles -

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              David Pasek Enthusiast

              I agree the most important is vcdx design methodology described by Mark. However I think the project size is also important. I don't think someone will successfully defend the project with 1 vc and 2 ESX hosts running 5 VMs for SMB customer. vSphere design for Microsoft Unified Communication hosting 22,000 users is IMHO large enough so now it depends on your architecture approach.


              Just my $0.02