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    Creating Alarms for datastore usage.

    DZ1 Hot Shot
      I am trying create an alarm that's basically a copy of an existing vSphere alarm that alerts you when a datastore has reached a certain percentage of disk space used.  This will be created in multiple folders on each datastore in different datacenters.  I found some information online, I've been looking over it, and I understand the basics of what the scripts are doing, but I can't seem to make it fit into what I need.
      When an alarm is manually created, at least the one that I want, I just need a name and a trigger with the trigger type, but the examples that I have seen used an event under the Triggers tab.  I've tried to decipher the API/SDK documentation but I'm out of my league.  So far, I have this:
      $alarmMgr = Get-View AlarmManager
      # Create AlarmSpec object
      $alarm = New-Object VMware.Vim.AlarmSpec
      $alarm.Name = "TestDSAlarm"
      $alarm.Description = "Datastore Alarm usage"
      $alarm.Enabled = $TRUE
      Now I need a trigger, and the option to send the email when the alarm changes.  Is there a good reference for me to look this up?  Any help is appreciated.  Also, how in the heck do I space my paragraphs on this forum now?  Everything is all together even though I have carriage returns in my post.