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    Laggy (bad performing) Linux-VMs

    KarOttmer Lurker

      Hey there,


      I (still) have a problem with bad performing and unusable lagging VMs with VMware Player (6.0.1 build-1379776). Guest-OS is Linux Mint 14 Mate x86.The Host (Win7 x64) gets a continius high CPU-usage on one core (the VM has 1 vCPU) even when the Guest-OS is completly idle. Of course the newest vmware-tools are installed (but makes no difference to this problem, even if not installed at all).


      Funny/Weird fact: After the Host went to Sleep/Standby/Energy-Saving-Mode (what ever its called in the english Windows) and wakes up again, CPU-Usage goes down to nearly 0 and the VMs performance is normal (even good). No more (real) Lags. What the ...?


      I hope somebody can help pin down a solution for this annoying problem!?


      Kind regards!