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    Integration with vCOPS?

    LaurenMalhoit Novice

      Hi All,

      I just installed VIN.  I can see it in the web client just fine.  However, no changes seem to have been made to vCOPS.  I believe I'm supposed to have a new groups definition called Applications, but this doesn't exist...nor am I able to create it.  Thoughts?

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          jddias Expert
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          Hi Lauren,


          If you create a dynamic custom group you should now have applications as a selection criteria (last item on the list).  Let me know if you cannot find that.  I am not at the office but will try to post some screen shots and more details later.

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            Abhilashhb Virtuoso
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            Two things.

            One, You will have to create applications using VIN for them to show up on vCOPS.

            Two, You will still be able to see a blank folder under groups tab in the vCOPS vSphere UI.



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              LaurenMalhoit Novice

              Thanks for your help.  I had done that...in one environment Applications never appeared.  In the other one it finally came up, though...just took a little longer.  Thanks!!

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                jddias Expert
                vExpertVMware Employees

                I just wanted to follow up with the detail/screenshots.


                As Abhilash points out, applications created in VIN should automatically populate custom groups.  My initial response was in regard to creating a custom group using the discovered application services discovered by VIN, as below:


                Step one, open the Create New Group... wizard and be sure to select "Dynamic Group"

                2013-12-23 15_20_31-vCenter Operations Manager.png

                Step two, set the selection criteria for All objects (not VMs, as you would think) and then set the matching property for Application (it's at the bottom of the list) and then pick the application service you wish:


                2013-12-23 15_21_49-vCenter Operations Manager.png

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                  Mauritz84 Novice

                  Hi LaurenMalhoit,


                  I've been having the same type of issue as you described. I've created applications in vIN but they doesn't get discovered in vC Ops. I'm on vIN 5.8, vC Ops 5.8 and vSphere 5.1.

                  You mentions that you got the applications on one of your systems. Did you do anything specific to accomplish this?


                  I have my own thread in the community about this problem: Infrastructure Navigator 5.8 applications not presented in vC Ops 5.8


                  I can't see what I've not done correctly.


                  This application dependency should automatically be discovered in vC Ops



                  I also believe the VMware-View-App should be in this list, but it´s not there?



                  The applications created in above picture should also appear in vC Ops but they´re not. I haven't even got an applicaiton node?




                  Does any of you guys have any thoughts on the matter? Would appreciate it.



                  Erik Alm

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                    Mauritz84 Novice

                    I've tried to troubleshoot this further but I'm not sure if my assumptions are correct.


                    1. I can't see the applications group

                    Possible reason: We've recently upgraded vC Ops and after that the hostname has been set to "localhost.localdom"

                    Question 1: What conclusion can I make if I still can create custom groups in the vC Ops vSphere UI with available vin applications (See screenshot)




                    2. I can´t see the the applications in the vC Ops Custom UI

                    Possible reason: There´s something wrong with the vIN adapter, could possibly be the same reason as above

                    Question 2: If the vIN adapter doesn't work, won't the vSphere UI not work either?



                    Extract from VinAdapter logfile:

                    2014-01-29 11:33:32,906 ERROR [Collector worker thread 6] (5282) com.integrien.adapter3.vin.VinAdapter.onCollect - OnCollect failed

                    java.lang.RuntimeException: Check vin enabled failed

                            at com.integrien.adapter3.vin.InventoryServiceHandler.checkVinEnabled(InventoryServiceHandler.java:308)

                            at com.integrien.adapter3.vin.VinAdapter.onCollect(VinAdapter.java:150)

                            at com.integrien.alive.common.adapter3.AdapterBase.collectBase(AdapterBase.java:644)

                            at com.integrien.alive.common.adapter3.AdapterBase.collect(AdapterBase.java:457)

                            at com.integrien.alive.collector.CollectorWorkItem3.run(CollectorWorkItem3.java:47)

                            at com.integrien.alive.common.util.ThreadPool$WorkerItem.run(ThreadPool.java:239)

                            at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(Unknown Source)

                            at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.run(Unknown Source)

                            at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)


                    What do you guys think?



                    Erik Alm

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                      LaurenMalhoit Novice

                      Sorry, it just took some time for mine to appear.  You may want to start a new discussion as I believe this one has been closed.