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    monitor a Microsoft SQL cluster

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      Anybody use Hyperic to monitor a two node Microsoft SQL cluster?  I've installed the Hyperic Agent (5.8.0) onto the two nodes but the Agent has no awareness of what is clustered.  If there is a failover alarms on disks missing or the SQL service being down fly.  They I reconfigure the agents and the next time the failover occurs it happens all over again.  It's not maintainable in an environment where there are clusters.

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          You are correct that the agent does not have awareness of the cluster, since Hyperic monitors and models at the agent level and does not provide information on objects that extend to multiple agents.

          In 5.8 we added a solution for MSSQL cluster in vCenter Operations which provides a much more comprehensive solution over the Hyperic data.MSSQL Default Dashboard.png

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            rgcda Enthusiast

            I'm having a hard time understanding what that screenshot provides me.  There are other monitoring products that are agent based that can monitor Microsoft failover clusters appropriately.  Unfortunately, I do not have that product I have Hyperic.  Thanks for the response.

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              Hot Shot

              Actually vCenter Operations (vCOPS) is really good solution for your question. Once you has installed hyperic agents on your cluster's nodes and hyperic server point to vCOPS you might monitor whole cluster E2E.


              Screenshot above, which Eran posted, shows 2 clusters, list of MSSQL Instances (not specially of that clusters) and list of MSSQL services (e.g. SQL Agent, SSAS and SSRS) . You can drill down to cluster and see which node are active/passive with running instance.




              Good luck