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        KenGore Lurker

        "Up to now, using PowerCLI 5.1R1 we haven't been able to reproduce the issue."


        If this is the case please post your exact procedure as I can repeat the same results as the poster consistently....with this version.



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          superryankatie88 Lurker

          Hello Everyone,


          I am having the same is in 2012 R2. This  script I ran in powercli 5.5 release 1, connect-viserver XXXXX, ran the script  get-vm camakrxxx | Get-NetworkAdapter | Set-NetworkAdapter -Type Vmxnet3 when the vm is on.
          When I reboot the vm the ip configure is still there. But when i shut down the vm ..all  the ip configure is gone.  I want to keep the ipconfig and do not work to input 1000's ip.




          The reason I am doing this is because



          This is known issue affecting ESXi 5.1 and the workaround
          for now is to use "vmxnet3" adapter. Please review below article for
          more details :



          I have esx1 5.1.0, 1312873. and vcenter server version 5.1.0 build 1364037. This is  work around by vmware ..cause the e1000 nic is causing a purple screen.. So the work around is to change the vm nic to vmxnet3.


          Any help or scripts would be helpfu...Thank you everybody.. I am sure lots of people have the same issue. i am in the process to open a case with VM..

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            KenGore Lurker

            Unfortunately I don't think there is any way around losing the ip info. As far as Windows goes it is a new adaptor and it must change its drivers. Personally(I am dealing with the same problem....x14000) I am writing an app that will drop itself on the server, grab the IP info, wait for the change, and then re-apply it. Email me and when its done (in the next few days) I'll send you a copy.


            Now for my real feelings on how VmWare is handling this and how it has cost them or is costing them many customers...maybe/probably me included. Hyper-v is free with Windows now and works well. WHY do you not care to fix this bug. You are NOT the tiny company anymore. Your clients/customers rely on this critically. How dare you just make a statement that you know of the bug and tell us to change the adaptor. Do you have any idea how much of a problem it is to have your entire prod environment crash every other week only for the vendor causing it to tell you to basically deal with it.


            Well I will tell you that if I have to touch 14k servers, I might as well touch them all the way over to hyper-v. The manner in which this is being handled is down right irresponsible.....especially since I work for a company that provides critical infrastructure services to the entire world!


            So...when are you going to fix this VERY problematic bug? Can we at least get an ETA? Are you working on it? Tell me something other than change every adaptor in my organization or deal with purple screens several times a month! E1000 is the DEFUALT STILL. When you created a guest you get an e1000 nic (for win at least) so your default is basically setting everyone up for failure.

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              superryankatie88 Lurker

              Thanks for that email.. That is just how i felt.. Vmware fix the issue with the following release.. Thank you Ken. On to patching the ESXi host...



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