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    Safari Lab Console Connectivity

    mister_potato_head Novice

      I'm trying to get this working via Safari 7.0.1 on OSX Mavericks as as it shows as being supported in faq,  however while most of the website works when I try and open a lab I get as far as "Loading Console..." then it fails with "Connectivity Issues", I have tried deleting all cache in Safari etc.  If I use Firefox 26.0 on OSX Mavericks and go to same lab this runs,  also if I run from Safari www.project-nee/speed-test this runs and I get

                   Core Speed 50.5 Mb/s

                   Cloud Speed 6.5 Mb/s

                   UI Speed 2.8 Mb/s

                   Cloud Latency 278 ms

                   Core Latency 570 ms

                   UI Latency 307 ms

      Obviously I will keep using the work around of firefox,  but its annoying and would be good to understand why and get a resolution for getting this working on Safari as ,  I expect it is some settings which need to change,  any thoughts would be great