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    vmghfs file corruption when file written by eclipse

    mbaryo Lurker

      Hi all,


      I'm using Workstation 10, Host OS Ubuntu 12.04, guest OS Fedora 12.  I have a single vmghfs mount exposing a Host folder as a filesystem in the guest.  In the guest, this appears in the guest fstab as: .host:/source    /home/chrisb/source    vmhgfs    defaults    0 0


      When writing to a text file on the host in eclipse, I am able to consistently reproduce a file corruption bug from the point-of-view of the guest OS.  If I expand the file, everything is okay.  If I make the file smaller (for example, deleting a few characters of a text file) the size appears to change but the contents do NOT.  This problem does NOT occur when the file is edited in vim, however the effect appears to be the same in either case on the host (the file appears changed correctly on the host).  Issuing a 'sync' on the Host also has no impact on what the guest sees.







      edit on host




      seen on guest:




      I have not tried editing the file while it appears corrupted on the guest.


      What causes this, and how do I prevent it short of abandoning eclipse?



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