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    "Find entity by IP" when PCNS gives shutdown command.

    Glitchy Lurker

      I recently installed PCNS 3.1 on vMA 5.5. This in an ESXi version 5.5.


      I installed vMA and added my ESXi  with 'vifp addserver server.domain.name' .

      with 'vifp listserver'I can see that it is succesfully added.


      Then, I installed Powerchute and configured it like this:


      -Standalone VMware Host

      -information to the ESXi server (IP address, username and password)

      -Single UPS configuration.

      -login information to the ups


      the PCNS succesfully regsitered the UPS' management card.


      The problem


      I now go to the UPS' web ui and comamnd it to reboot the UPS (to test my PCNS obviously).

      So I go to the event log in the PCNS and it show 'shutting down host IP ADDRESS'.

      But when I view my ESXi it says 'Find entity by IP' and it doesn't do anything.

      Both the PCNS and ESXi view these events every 30 seconds.


      What can I do to make it actually work?


      Thanks in advance.

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