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    vmdk file

    Kansarax Novice



      I have a question about the vmdk files:


      I have a VM 2 disks running on a LUNx. This I have problems with the diskspace.

      disk 1 : Server-000010.vmdk

      disk2 : Server-0000011.vmd


      I browsed the LUN and I see that there are other VMDK files : Server-000003.vmdk, Server_1-000003.vmdk, Server-000006.vmdk, Server-000007.vmdk  ....


      I nhave checked in the VMX file, and can't file this vmdk files.


      I shutted down the VM and moved the file Server-000006.vmdk to an external Harddisk and restared the server. But, I received the error that a file was missing... I moved the file Back and the server started again...


      My Question:

      How can I se where this files are used ?


      Thanks al lot,


      K. B.

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          scott28tt Guru
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          Sounds like your VM has a number of snapshots, do you know why?


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            Kansarax Novice

            Hi Scott,


            Thanks. I don't know why this snapshots are there... I don't have enough diskspace on the LUN to remove them...

            Do you how I can remove the snapshots?


            Thanks a lot,


            K. B.

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              scott28tt Guru
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              There are things you could do, these are the most obvious:


              1. Increase the size of the datastore

              2. Migrate the VM to a datastore with sufficient space

              3. Migrate other VMs to a different datastore to create the space needed


              Snapshots should be used sparingly, what you're experiencing is one of the reasons why. I would investigate who created them by looking through logs/events.

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                a.p. Guru
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                >>> I don't have enough diskspace on the LUN to remove them...

                To find out how much disk space is required, it's important to know which version of ESXi you use and whether the disks are thin or thick provisioned. Please post a screenshot of the datastore browser window which shows all the files with names, sizes and time stamps. Also let me know how much disk free space you currently have on the datastore and whether there are other VMs running on the dams datastore.