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    USB Connect on Startup in Linux

    mvaughn25 Enthusiast

      I have installed the Linux vmware-view-client on several Ubuntu machines, and the URI feature does not work on any of them. In the Linux documentation, there is not a command line parameter that is equal to the "-connectUSBOnStartup=yes" option from the URI command. I either need a command line (or config file) equivalent, or assistance getting the URI command to work. It is currently complaining that the MIME type is unknown, and the /usr/share/applications/vmware-view-client.desktop file does not contain any MIME definitions (one location such a setting could be added from).


      Any assistance is appreciated. The "connectUSBOnInsert" function appears to work, but some devices have to be unplugged and plugged back in to work. In other operating systems, this can be set from the config files, the URI command line, or even in the GUI client settings. None of those are working in Ubuntu.