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    Mirage Restore

    jimbobt11 Novice

      Hi Guys i am using Mirage 4.23 as PoC and just testing some restores.


      Firstly i have migrated a machine from XP to windows 7 using the migration wizard.


      All went well with the migration once it was migrated to win7 i could login but after looking at the current action in the mirage client it was stuck at pending restore.


      When i went into the Mirage MMC on the server i noticed under ALL CVD  my client had a restore option. I ran through the wizard and again the client started to restore the endpoint, once it was finished it wanted to restart windows which i did. I noticed my user data was now on the desktop but the size of the restore was pretty  large No where near the size of user data.


      Not quite sure why i had to do this, can anyone suggest whats going on at this stage?


      Secondly i walked through the apply base layer to another windows xp endpoint this client was not a CVD. Once the layer was streamed down it asked me to restart which i did, during the startup i noticed a splash screen at ctrl+alt+delete saying Your system is being prepared for logon and will be available shortly. Logon may be slow or temporarily unavailable) Is there anyway to force this process to reboot as soon as the various steps are completed?


      I logged back in again and rebooted manually but the mirage client was still at pending restore status and once again i had to use the mirage server mmc console to run through the restore wizard, again on the new windows 7 client it starts to restore - prefetch i am a just wondering if this is the normal process mirage takes when using the wizards.


      Thanks in advance.

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          heyiou Novice

          On your first comment about the backup size....is there a c:\windows.old directory?  Mirage keeps a full copy of the XP machine files under this directory.  You can delete it when everything is good to go with the migration.  That can potentially double your CVD size.


          There seems to be a autoreboot setting.  On of the not so documented commands is hitting "Ctrl+Alt+S" while the Mirage Client window in pulled up.  This will allow you to get into some settings that may help.


          Not sure why your machine is in restore.

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            rtindall Enthusiast
            VMware Employees

            you could archive the CVD. After the machine is archived then it should appear in pending devices, force upload and relink it to the archive and see if normal upload operations start.

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              jimbobt11 Novice

              I am doing  my testing as VMs and using snapshots to go back so i can demo this to my manager, just wondering if maybe thats causing the restore?


              Anyway its not a big issue in the PoC


              Is there anyway to exclude the windows.old folder i dont want this backed up anyway.

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                rtindall Enthusiast
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                I believe that this would cause your machine to always show up in the pending devices and thinking it requires a restore, as Mirage uses the BIOS UUID as a way to identify a machine. You could do a couple of things, archive the CVD and then it may appear as just a pending device. Delete the CVD, or do a clean state uninstall of the mirage client and or archive the cvd or delete the cvd and this should stop it from wanting to restore the device. You could possibly edit the upload policy to exclude the windows.old, but it is part of the wanova volume location and I am not sure we allow this. I would recommend just removing it based on the below KB


                Using a clean-state uninstall to remove the Horizon Mirage Client and all Mirage internal data (2045784)

                Removing the Windows.Old directory after User Profile or Windows 7 Migration with VMware Horizon Mirage (2050882)

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                  jimbobt11 Novice

                  Thankyou very much i will try this.