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    ESXi 5.5 LACP

    vmproteau Expert

      I am standing up a new vSphere 5.5 environment with Cisco Nexus switching. After reading about the enhancements and improvements to LACP, I'm inclined to go that route. Some small worklload ESXi Hosts will have LAGs of 2-10GB interfaces while large workload ESXi Hosts will have LAGs of 4-10GB interfaces.


      1. Can anyone provde their experiences with LACP and recomendations for or against it. I want to make sure I'm not adding complication withough sufficient benefit.
      2. I read a limitation that LACP cannot be used in conjunction with the ESXi dump collector. For this feature to work, the vmkernel port used for management purposes must be on a vSphere Standard Switch. I wanted some clarification here. I planned on one LACP dvS that will pass production VM traffic as well as management traffic. We use diskless Hosts so I want to use a network Dump Collector. After reading this I suppose I can set the"Off Net" traffic on a Standard vSwitch (i.e. backups, VMKernel, Fault Tolerance). My assumption here is that I could create a 2nd vmkernel port on the Standard vSwitch and configure the Dump Collector to use it...correct?


      Incidently for those with diskless Hosts that don't use only LACP with vDS, do they just do without Core Dumps?