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    Somewhat undocumented commands/features

    heyiou Novice

      There seems to be a lot of undocumented commands that Mirage can do that are very helpful in certain circumstances - like the SIS extraction (which would have been EXTREMELY helpful the other day) and other command line type commands.  Is there any additional documentation that shows everything we can do with Mirage like that, like a Advanced Mirage Admin Guide?  If not, can we have this discussion be a listing place for commands everyone finds? 


      My contribution is the CLEANSTATE=1 command.  This completely removes the settings on the Mirage client and reinstalls like new (from my understanding).


      The full command is ...


      to uninstall completely:

      msiexec.exe /x MirageClient.msi CLEANSTATE=1


      Now if this is documented somewhere else, my apologies, I hadn't seen it until support had me try it once.