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    failed to lock the file cannot open the disk

    radriaanse Lurker


      I have a problem. I just converted my physical machine (lenovo Laptop, windows 8.1), with the vmware vcenter converter standalone. Everything worked fine, no problems, no errors.

      But when I want to open the file in vmware on my Ubtunu machine (a.t.m. dual-boot with win8 on the same laptop), after a while it returns the error:


      Failed to lock the file

      Cannot open the disk '/media/remy/WD My Book/Laptop-Remy/Laptop-Remy.vmdk' or one of the snapshot disks it depends on.

      Module DiskEarly power on failed.

      Failed to start the virtual machine.


      I don't know if has to do with Ubutntu (version 13.04), or with vmware workstation (10.0)


      I hope some can help.

      thanks in advantage,

      remy adriaanse

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