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    Dell Force10 MXL 10/40G switch port configuration for ESXi VST

    vmproteau Expert

      Can anyone provide guidance? I'm trying to determine the approriate port configuration for ESXi VST with Force10 switching but the IOS and associated commands are quite different from what I'm used to.


      Below are the ESXi recommended port configurations for a Cisco switch when using VST. I'm looking for the equivilant switch port configuration for the Dell Force10 MXL10/40G chassis switches.


      interface GigabitEthernet1/2

      switchport    (Set to layer 2 switching)

      switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q (ESXi/ESX only supports dot1q, not ISL)

      switchport trunk allowed vlan 10-100 (Allowed VLAN to ESXi/ESX. Ensure ESXi/ESX VLANs are allowed)

      switchport mode trunk   (Set to Trunk Mode)

      switchport nonegotiate   (DTP is not supported)

      no ip address

      spanning-tree portfast trunk  (Allows the port to start forwarding packets immediately on linkup)