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    ESXi physical switch port configuration with LACP

    vmproteau Expert

      Whenever I've configured ESXi Hosts with Cisco switching, I've always requested additional port configurations specific to ESXi (sample below). We are building a new ESXi 5.5 environment and planning LACP with some Cisco Nexus switching. I'm somewhat new to LACP on the CIsco side and did find some KB articles about general LACP configuration and limitations. However, I didn't see anything specific about the individual physical trunk port configuration when using Cisco LACP. I'll check with our network team but, wanted to see if it is the same as a standard trunk port (like below)  or if there was an alternate best practice or specific port configuration when using LACP.

      interface GigabitEthernet1/15

      switchport ( Configures the LAN port for Layer 2 switching)

      switchport access vlan vlan_ID ( The value can be 1 through 4094, except reserved VLANs)
      switchport mode access ( Configures the port to be an access port to prevent trunk negotiation delays)

      spanning-tree portfast ( Configure port-fast for initial STP delay)