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    Issues with reporting

    MLubinski201110141 Novice

      I receive these in my report


      Error. No View Planner report is generated by the reporting script (report.pyc).

      Error. CSV file was not generated by report.csv


      Does anyone know why either component doesnt generate?

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          MLubinski201110141 Novice

          No csv exits inside the vpresults folder either. I have also tried manually running the report script


          [root@viewplanner ViewPlanner]# python report.pyc -d -t remotepcoip -s "2013-12-21 00:00:16" -m remote

          /root/ViewPlanner/mysql_interface.py:17: DeprecationWarning: the sets module is deprecated

          /root/ViewPlanner/PySQLPool/PySQLPool/PySQLConnection.py:6: DeprecationWarning: the md5 module is deprecated; use hashlib instead

          report.pyc: No results available for specified test.

          [root@viewplanner ViewPlanner]#

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            MLubinski201110141 Novice

            I get latency results from a single vm local run but not a single vm remote pcoip run.

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              Can you try running report.pyc with -m local flag?

              My hunch is that the client results are not being uploaded




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                Also, I forgot to mention, can you attach logs for appliance and view Planner agent for client. It may have errors indicating why client result upload failed. Also, check IP.txt in the client

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                  MLubinski201110141 Novice

                  I did find this in the appliance log, attached is the client log.


                  2013-12-23 14:28:32,647 DEBUG    Test Status (name: single-vm-local-quick  start_time: 2013-12-19 22:48:20): 0 uploaded (0 errors)

                  2013-12-23 16:09:50,449 DEBUG    uploadServerResults called from machine IP.IP.148.216

                  2013-12-23 16:09:50,449 DEBUG    Writing data to file results/server_benchmark_GoldenDesktop.log

                  2013-12-23 16:09:50,502 INFO     Running query: LOAD DATA INFILE "/var/log/ViewPlanner/.serverlog_GoldenDesktop" into table localresults fields terminated by ',' lines terminated by '\n'

                  2013-12-23 16:09:50,528 INFO     Pulling results and log files from the client: IP.IP.149.140

                  2013-12-23 16:09:50,528 INFO     Calling factor getRootObject function for the client: IP.IP.149.140

                  2013-12-23 16:09:50,529 INFO     Running remote command on machine IP.IP.148.216: logoff

                  2013-12-23 16:09:50,531 INFO     Got client root object for the client: IP.IP.149.140

                  2013-12-23 16:09:50,533 INFO     command executed on the remote machine: logoff

                  2013-12-23 16:09:53,918 DEBUG    Returning the current status: 2 with message Status: [IP Registered: Desktops: 1, Clients: 1 ] [Workload Started on 1 machines ] [ Uploaded results --> Desktops: 1 (0 errors),  Clients: 0 ]

                  2013-12-23 16:10:20,537 DEBUG    ======================================= [START] Run Status Dump ========================================

                  2013-12-23 16:10:20,537 DEBUG    Desktops status:

                  2013-12-23 16:10:20,537 DEBUG    IPADDR(IP.IP.148.216) Name(GoldenDesktop) Uploaded

                  2013-12-23 16:10:20,537 DEBUG    Clients status:

                  2013-12-23 16:10:20,537 DEBUG    IPADDR(IP.IP.149.140) Name(GoldenClient) Not Uploaded

                  2013-12-23 16:10:20,538 DEBUG    ======================================= [END] Run Status Dump ========================================

                  2013-12-23 16:10:20,538 DEBUG    Stopping periodic VC stats collection..

                  2013-12-23 16:10:20,538 INFO     Checking the compliance of the run...

                  2013-12-23 16:10:20,538 INFO     -- Collecting the relevant info and checking for compliance --

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                    MLubinski201110141 Novice

                    Here is the IP.txt file.







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                      Does the HARNESSIP in IP.txt point to the correct IP address of ViewPlanner appliance. In the logs, I reckon IP addresses are obfuscated which is perfectly fine.

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                        MLubinski201110141 Novice

                        Yes it matches the appliance IP

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                          MLubinski201110141 Novice

                          Anybody else have any input? What actually happens when it uploads the results to the appliance?

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                            I was wondering if firewall on client is turned on, although i am skeptical of this. I see that upload results call has happened as per client logs. Are there any error messages in viewplanner server logs?


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                              MLubinski201110141 Novice

                              Not really only what I posted above, ill check the firewall just to be safe

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                                Hot Shot

                                Like Nachiket said, can you run the reporting script in local mode:


                                python report.pyc -d -t remotepcoip -s "2013-12-21 00:00:16" -m local

                                and then see if you get the report.


                                Also, attach the client VM screenshot when the run is going on? Did you update VMware tools after installing View Planner client agent?

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                                  Mutant_Tractor Novice

                                  I'm seeing this exact behaviour with only PCoIP - local mode and RDP single VM work fine.


                                  I've got to the stage now that I can see it does actually upload both client and server run logs, however, during PCoIP runs the results.log file on the client machine is 0KB and has nothing in it.


                                  During both local and RDP mode tests it has full run iteration info.


                                  Tests are single iteration.


                                  @banit @nkarmarkar AravindBappanadu any info on why the result.log on the client might be empty during a PCoIP run, what generates this file?

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                                    HyperPaul Lurker

                                    Hello @Mutant_Tractor,


                                    Did you find a solution for this?

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