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    Invoke-VMScript: Show notifications in Guest VM for logged in user

    Chrigoli Enthusiast

      Hi All


      I'm currently creating kind of a small installation batch file to install some small apps within a VM. I use "Copy-VMGuestFile" first to copy the required install files and then use "Invoke-VMScript" to start my batch file.

      The batch file starts the .msi or .exe installers in silent mode, but at the end I have one setup which does not have a silent mode, so I just start the setup.exe in my batch file.


      This works fine, the last setup.exe process gets started in the VM's guest. Unfortunately, the setup wizard is not shown in the Guest. I use the same user for the Invoke-VMScript as the one which is currently logged in to the console of the Guest VM.


      Does anyone of you have any idea how to get that setup.exe wizard shown in the Guest?


      For me it seems that Invoke-VMScript opens kind of a new Remote Session in the Guest instead of taking over the one of the user who is currently logged in.


      Thanks and cheers