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    SSO login

    vcpguy Expert

      Hello, if I don't add the domain in default domain, is there a way, I can login by just using userid and not adding the "@domain" name ?


      Most of the users are used to login to vCenter server with their domain user id w/o entering domain name, with SSO things have chnged.



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          AJ Master

          when u link SSO with the AD, users dont need to mention the domain every time.....

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            vcpguy Expert

            It didn't work for me. I just cheched it. I have a user in texas.us.com domain. My VC/SSO is in ny.us.com domain

            When, I log into VC with a user id from texas it won't  allow me to login, but then if I login with useris@texas.us.com it will allow me to login.


            I want that the users need to not type their complete domain, because they are not used to it. I want to acheive bu tI don't want to populate the default domain list. I heard/read some where that adding too many domains in default domain has a potential to lock user ids.



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              eia568b Lurker

              Same deal here for us! I can log in using the "Use Windows Session Authentication", so my domain authentication is definitely working and connecting OK. If I use a web browser that has "Use Windows session suthentication" grayed out, such as on a mobile device, I have to key in userid@mydomain.com  to log in instead of just keying in "userid". Exactly as VCPGuy said,  folks here just keyed in their userid and thought they could not log on as they did not know they had to key in their full domain name. Any way around this one?