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    Can no longer double-click in VM after upgrading to Win 8.1 (on Mac host)

    rmcsharry Lurker


      We have VMWare Fusion Version 5.0.3 (1040386) running on Mac Book Pro (Mountain Lion) with a Windows 8 VM, upgraded last week via the App Store to 8.1

      We have this problem on all our machines:

      1 Open Windows Explorer, browse to any ‘virtual’ folder (ie. a folder that is actually pointing to a folder on the Mac, such as My Documents).

      2. You can see all the content, but you cannot do anything with it. For example, double-click a file to open it and the application (eg. notepad, excel, whatever) does not launch. The workaround is that you have to go to the physical folder on the Mac and open the file, then it will open the appropriate application in the VM (and the file opens in the app.). On Win8 VM this was not necessary, it worked fine from the VM.

      3. You cannot double-click any sub-folder to open it either, you can only ever see the top-level in the VM.

      It seems that ‘double-click’ behaviour is broken.

      Any ideas?


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          rmcsharry Lurker

          Ok the solution to this problem is not the double-click, but the sharing of folders. VMware tools needs to be completely UN installed, restart the VM, then Install the VMware Tools again.


          I also had to change the registry settings in Windows for VMWare tools first, because otherwise it could not be uninstalled.


          The steps to modify the registry are in this thread, the reply from Zypher:




          Modify the registry, then from Virtual Machine menu in Fusion, select Reinstall. This will cause the Tools CD to be mounted in the VM (Windows 8.1 in my case). Ignore the prompts that appear and instead open control panel and choose to Uninstall VMWare Tools. You will have to restart the VM afterwards. After restarting, again goto the Virtual Machine menu in Fusion and now select 'Install VMware Tools'. You will need to logoff the VM at the end and log back in again.