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        Coach300 Enthusiast

        I have re-upgraded. In addition to Fusion 6.02, I also disabled shared folders. Also, the software I use in Windows no longer uses a tray icon but rather a Windows Service for its database, which is more stable. I used to have a shared folder (Mac Downloads) that would be set to automatically open on Windows launch, as I would need to run a downloaded installer in repair mode because the database was always disabled on restart. With the tray icon gone, there's no need for that installer re-run, so I disabled the shared folder and also took it off the startup items (MSCONFIG). Things are running fine now. Yes, I did take hints from other threads in this forum.

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          dcsoft Novice

          Glad to hear it's working for you now.  Over the past couple weeks, mine has become unresponsive twice, meaning I had to shutdown and restart the VM to recover.  This is still very stable, but for the record is not 100%.  (This is still with App Nap disabled for the Vmware app).  I went into Settings and noticed the CPU had a warning that I had selected 4 cores for the VM (and my MacBook Air has 4 cores), the recommended was at most 2 cores, so I reduced it to 2 and am monitoring to see if that made it better.



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            QuiSait Lurker

            Coach300 — Perhaps you might summarize all of the settings & tricks you discovered in one succinct list?


            Like many others, since upgrading (OS X & Fusion) I have essentially rendered Windows unusable (bc I toggle back to Mac apps so often) and I long for the pre-upgrade(s) days when everything worked as expected using recommended/default settings in OS X, Fusion & Windows (no tricks required).  I’ve broken down to having two laptops running side by side on my desk — but that isn’t going to work the next time I have to jump on a plane.


            @VMware:  Come on guys…  You should be publishing an updated KB ‘recipe for success’ — something is clearly going on here.

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              dcsoft Novice

              In the past week since I assigned only half my cores (originally it was all cores) to the VM, both my host and guest have performed very, very well.  :-)


              My summary is:  1) Disable App Nap for the Vmware .app file; 2) Make sure the VM setting for CPU is as recommended (don't assign too many cores).



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                QuiSait Lurker

                Thanks, David


                I changed the number of cores to 2 (from 1), am using the VMware recommended memory settings, and turn off App Nap for VMware.app. 


                Unfortunately, this hasn’t changed anything for me

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                  Coach300 Enthusiast

                  To QuiSait: I do not in any way claim to have "the solution", but here are things I've done (I hope to get them all):


                  1. Keep Windows, Fusion, and OS X updated.

                  2. Prevent App Nap (I know that's the title of this thread, but it's still useful to have it in this list here.)

                  3. Allocate a minimum amount of memory and processor cores to the Virtual Machine.

                       In Fusion 5, it may be possible to allocate more cores/RAM to the VM, but with Mavericks/Fusion 6, less is more.

                       It looks like more RAM and processor cores are needed for the Fusion application and Mavericks to actually work

                            efficiently and it's through that that functions can be streamlined.

                  4. If you don't need them, disable shared folders. You can still drag/drop between the Finder and Windows Explorer in

                       either Single Window or Unity mode. Copy/Paste when using Full Screen may also work.

                  5. If you don't need to, do not set Fusion to open Mac documents with Windows apps. Use this only if you must have a

                       document opened with a Windows app by double-clicking in the Finder. Alternately, drag from the Finder to Windows

                            Explorer and open from there.


                  Those last two I gleaned from other threads in this forum. #3 came through observation as I found I couldn't keep Windows

                  running with anything more than 1 GB RAM on a 4 GB machine. #2 - well, that I discovered by accident and wanted to

                  share that one without delay.


                  Perhaps Apple will one day update Mavericks to tone down some of the core technologies mentioned at

                       Apple - OS X Mavericks - Advanced Technologies either at the behest of a user (a Core Technologies pane on

                            System Preferences similar to Prevent App Nap in an application's Get Info window) or automatically disable

                                 when a charger is connected).

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                    QuiSait Lurker

                    None of “the above” had any noticeable impact for me, but everything is working great again…


                    Unfortunately, I cannot say “how” or “why”.  The only thing I consciously changed (for other reasons) was the removal of Mac Keeper.  But in the mean time I am sure there were Important or Critical updates from MSFT and/or minor updates from Apple.


                    All I know is everything is fine again (and I’m too busy to deep dive on how/why).



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                      Coach300 Enthusiast

                      I have never touched MacKeeper, but it's entirely possible that there's something going on there. An ongoing Mac process or app that's not running within Fusion can still tax the Mac system.

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                        TheGunslingerRG Lurker

                        I've been running Fusion 6 since it was released, with a Windows 7 VM. It worked fine and as expected under 10.8. Now with Mavericks the VM goes completely unusable every night. I've disabled App Nap which helps for the most part but if I go away from the VM too long it stops functioning and I have to restart the machine. Once restarted everything will work again. I should mention that even the shutdown now takes a solid 8-10 minutes. Watching processes, it seems that the .vmx is where the hanging is occurring so I wonder if there isn't a bug either with Apple or VMware in that disabling AppNap on the Fusion App isn't being propagated to the sub processes started after the app has launched. In some ways this makes sense since can't you run a VM without the Fusion app actually running at all? I don't expect Apple to change their core functionality but there certainly is something going on that isn't working as expected in this use case.

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                          systimax Enthusiast

                          Can we get an update from Vmware please.


                          Same boat as others. Macbook retina 15 inch late 2013 16gb ram

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