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    Unable to register orchestrator in vsphere web client (v5.5)

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      We are having difficulty registering orchestrator to use in the web client.  Checking https://**server-ip**/mob shows that it is registered as an extension and that the heartbeat has been received recently.  However, even after a restart of the vcenter server services and the orchestrator services, logging out and back in to the vsphere client, trying to register it manually in the web client, etc. it still is not appearing.


      When trying to register it manually, what format should be used?  We have tried multiple methods

      1. https://FQDN:8281

      2. https://FQDN:8281/api

      3. FQDN

      4. FQDN:8281

      5. IP

      6. https://IP

      7. https://IP:8281

      8. https://IP:8281/api


      All of those methods yield a negative result.


      Also, even though the SSO is setup, and performing a test login using the orchestrator configuration web page succeeds, we cannot log into the orchestrator client!  It says the user is not authorized, even though it is the same user specified in the orchestrator configuration as administrator from active directory.  Just in case this might help, we are using MS SQL Server 2012 Enterprise for both vcenter and for orchestrator.  In order to make sure orchestrator db was fully complient, we duplicated the original vcenter db and then created an SQL login user for the vco db and populated the tables.  The configuration wizard reported success.  (It should be noted we also tried with a fresh database and let orcestrator populate the tables---that was successful too, but we still had the same problems with integration and sign on to client; so to maximize compatibility, in case the db was missing necessary objects, we replicated the vcenter db...the reason for this wsa that orchestrator can use the vcenter server db if installed in "easy mode")


      We have searched the communities and found many people with the same problem but none of the cases we have found have actually been marked "solved."


      Could someone please help us with this?  Although version 5.5. is awesome with regard to advancements made and new features, etc., it has been an absolute nightmare implementing.  I hope VMware is working on fixes for the bugs because if we had it to do over again, we would stay with version 5.1 for a while.


      Thank you in advance for your help.  If anyone has had issues with installing (fresh or upgrade) version 5.5, we may be able to help...just ask me.  During our install, we experienced about 6 or 7 separate issues to which we have documented the resolutions (most are easy to resolve but in a production environment, any down time is not good!




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