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      • 30. Re: ESXi 5.5 Free Hypervisor Web Console
        jbendsen Novice

        hmm, my vsphere ESXi 5.5 server is installed on and I use the thick client vsphere client to access it on and when I go to it says The web page is not available.


        So something needs to be installed or configured, any idea?

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          Schenkewitz Novice

          In order to have access to the web client you have to install a vCenter Server as a appliance or on an windows server with active directory connection. vCenter Server isn't free, so you have to buy an vSphere Essentials Kit or vSphere Accelerations Kit or single licenses of vCenter Server Foundation (for Managing up to 5 Hosts) or vCenter Server Standard(for managing many more than 5 hosts).


          VMware Europe Official Online-Shop - VMware vCenter Server Foundation

          VMware Europe Official Online-Shop - VMware vCenter Server Standard


          The web client as part of the vCenter server is an full manage console for your single ESXi servers, clusters and your complete datacenter. Only with web client 5.5 you can modify your vm's running hardware version 10.

          If you have allready installed vCenter Server the url to your webclient is "https://<vCenter-Server-ip-or-dns-hostname>:9443/vsphere-client/".

          We also extented your webclient with some addons like vmware horizon view desktop plugin, vmware vcenter infrastructure navigator plugin, vmware vcenter operations manager plugin and veeam bacup and replication web client plugin.

          the vmware vcenter infrastructure navigator plugin is ONLY available for the web client and its not possible to use infrastructure navigator with the traditional vsphere (phat) client. on the other hand you don't need an windows desktop or

          server to access the webclient - you only need an browser with flash player installed like Chrome, IE oder FireFox.


          here are 2 screenshots from your web client view:
          webclient-01.gif webclient-02.gif

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            autumnwalker Novice

            Still no response from VMware on this?

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              ThomasFranke Novice

              As an alternative, you can administer VMs with hardware version 10 with VMware Workstation:




              It's not a replacement for the missing functionality of the vSphere client but you can use it as a fallback in case of emergency.

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                Skeesicks Novice

                So, what VMware does is to put us in some kind of hostage situation and they are hoping the stockholm syndrome kicks in.


                I made two mistakes....the first one was to install ESXi 5.5 in the first place....the second was to do a P2V wit the VMware converter and having the virtual machine being created as a v10!

                (OK I just made the mistake to choose VMware in the first place)


                This whole case reminds me of the infamous switch from VMware Server 1.x to 2.0 ....it's the same sh.. all over again!

                Why switch to a web client (which depends on FLASH...are you serious?!?!) when you have a perfectly working fat-client, anyway?


                The converter could have warned me to create a v10, in the first place!


                So, I am stuck with a virtual machine which cannot be managed because I don't want to buy VMware workstation....I am running Virtualbox on my desktop and I am fine with it!


                This taught me 2 things...don't provision product versions which I did not test (even If the previos versions of the software were running fine!) and do not choose VMware ever again!


                I don't know what VMware plans in future releases, maybe they abandon the free ESXi at all (or forcing us to buy Workstation if we want to use ESXi)


                The servers I provision for my clients are meant to run at least for 3 years, but I can't trust VMware anymore because I don't know what plans they have with future VMware products.


                I sewear, if this case is not resolved I will switch away from VMware, I want to be "customer" not a hostage!

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                  jkopp Novice

                  It is possible to revert your v10 virtual hardware to an older version you can manage.  I posted instructions earlier in this thread.

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                    Skeesicks Novice

                    Thanks for the hint, I saw your first post, but I had not the guts to do it cause this is a _very_ remote system.


                    But I just tried it and am running on HW version 9...AND CAN CONNECT THE USB HDD CONNECTED TO THE HOST!


                    jkopp, you're THE MAN!


                    Nonetheless, my vmware RANT is still actual, I hope they hear the cries for help in the forums, because switching to a different hypervisor is a real PITA!



                    Thanks for this jkopp!






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                      ancoleman Novice

                      So all of you that are having issues moving forward with vSphere 5.5.....


                      Spend a little money VMware Official Online Store Online Store - VMware vSphere Essentials Kits  - Currently $560... I'm sorry but if your running anything in full production on a free hypervisor (includes KVM, Hyper-V, etc) then you have no right to complain about what they put in or take away from their free versions. Your just asking for a heap of trouble with zero support and second rate management at best to run production VMs on the free hypervisor. I mean $500-600 is cheap for this stuff. If your running it at home then just use the trial version for lab scenarios otherwise buy the product...

                      • 38. Re: ESXi 5.5 Free Hypervisor Web Console
                        Skeesicks Novice

                        First) ESXi is marketed as free PRODUCTION READY hypervisor.


                        Second) You can get Support for everything, even for free Software. It's just a tradeoff between the cost and the SLAs you have!


                        Third) Are you calling free Software as "not production ready"?.....Hell, tell this the Apache guys...or the samba people....or the comrads who coded nginx. (It's like claiming you can't get drunk from free beer!)


                        And yes 500$ is not much for this product, but it is much for some small companys....and this is only for 1-3 years....and vCenter is a little bit of Overkill for a single server Scenario, don't you think?

                        And what do I get from this amount of money....9-5 email Support??!.....I once had to deal with the vmware Support cause of a PSOD after an upgrade....By the time I got an answer, I already reinstalled the Server....fortunately this was in a shared storage enviroment.


                        And now to the "You are not allowed to complain if you are using a free product".....I am allowed to complain as long and as intense as I want....and guess wat, if the coplains are valid, even free Software companies consider changing the parts, which causes the compaints!


                        So, no...I will not "spend a little money"....not to a Company who treats it's free userbase like shit REPEATEDLY.

                        • 39. Re: ESXi 5.5 Free Hypervisor Web Console
                          ancoleman Novice

                          Most enterprise environments that run the Open Source applications/web services you named such as Apache retain enterprise support for them via Red Hat, Novell, Oracle, and now even Ubuntu. Yes you can get support for their free hypervisor...if you pay for it. Even for a small company $500-600 is minimal and part of the cost of doing business if you want to run virtual and reap the benefits of virtual. I would say yes vCenter is overkill for a single server environment, but I would never suggest running on a single server environment with ESXi. (2 Hosts minimum in my book) For single server instances, I prefer Hyper-V over ESXi, albeit ESXi is more mature...Hyper-V 2012 and R2 are definitely viable options now. You can complain all you want, but if your not paying for their product I think those requests are at the bottom of their list of things to complete.

                          • 40. Re: ESXi 5.5 Free Hypervisor Web Console
                            Skeesicks Novice

                            The reason I chose ESXi is

                            (a) you named it...it's the most mature of them all

                            (b) it's the hypervisor I am most familiar with

                            (c) considering the HCL it's very easy to get servers with vmware Support (as long as there is a _real_ RAID controller in the server)


                            I have 10 years+ experience with vmware (I even used their GSX product once!), so i never _really_ had to make a Support call *knock on wood!*....and if I have to do so, I have to bite the bullet and pay for Support!


                            The "Company" I rolled out ESXi 5.5 for is a NGO...so Labor cost is Close to nothing....so even a day of downtime is _way_ cheaper as the 600$ for the product.


                            If there is Budget for two servers and the 600 bucks for the product, I am the last one to consider against buying the full product.....but in this case I have to count every penny twice before spending it.


                            What I want to say....if a copany treats the userbase bad (even if they use the free product) I am thinking twice before buying their full product...but thats me...YMMV!


                            For me it looks like they want to abandon the free hypervisor just like they did with VMware Server and force us to buy licenses.


                            If this is their strategy I have to get familiar with another type of hypervisor (like Hyper-V...AFAIK it is free as long as you have one Windows Server in your Organisation!) 

                            • 41. Re: ESXi 5.5 Free Hypervisor Web Console
                              ancoleman Novice

                              Microsoft released a fully bare metal version of Hyper-V 2012 that's free: Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012 | Virtualization | VDI  You'll noticed the click free download button there. I will say this, I have setup a bare metal Hyper-V server and it's not fun (at least on 2012, R2 might be better.) But, anywho it's free.

                              • 42. Re: ESXi 5.5 Free Hypervisor Web Console
                                Cougar281 Novice

                                The problem, ancoleman, is that the Essentials kit truly isn't worth the money. You barely get more support than the free version (You get the 'required' support but you still have pay per incident support), and you don't get any more features. No HA. No vMotion. No replication. Nothing. You only get the vCenter server, which frankly, without even vMotion, is pointless, and at this point is hideously bloated. Compare that to the free offerings from MS and Citrix, where you get FAR more for free, and the pay editions are less than VMware. In Xenservers case, you get ALL functionality for free, and if you choose to purchase it, you get included support and you can automate patch management using XenCenter. The free version can do EVERYTHING the pay version can except the Automated installation of patches, upgrades and maintenance releases. Hyper-V is very similar, although I've had a hard time finding an actual side by side comparison of what is available in their free version vs paid. Two things I'm quite sure are in the free version are LiveMigration and storage migration. Two things you can't even do with the essentials kit - you need at least the essentials plus kit to get vMotion, and if you want Storage Migration, you must move up to vSphere standard for $1800/socket.


                                It's been quite a while since I've looked at either HyperV or Xen, but when I did, I didn't like either of them. Not because they were inferior products, but because I had been using VMware for so long I didn't like the UI for either of the other two. Had I started with either Xen or Hyper-V, my opinions would be different. VMWares new web console might change my opinion towards one of the other two.


                                The bottom line is does VMware make a great product? Yes. BUT the offerings from Microsoft and Citrix are priced so that anyone with any kind of budget would have to take a SERIOUS look at them. Both of their free products are at the least equal to, if not more feature packed than VMware's Essentials Plus kit that STARTS at $4500 before you even tack on support! If VMware wants to stay competitive, they need to think about re-evaluating their pricing structure... Both Microsoft and Citrix have caught up to and passed VMware. With the other options, I truly can't see how VMware can stay afloat with their pricing the way it is. Maybe what they lack in volume they make up for in weight? Maybe just enough companies are hopelessly dependent on VMware to keep them afloat? I don't know, but as good as their product is, the others aren't bad and money talks....

                                • 43. Re: ESXi 5.5 Free Hypervisor Web Console
                                  JarryG Expert

                                  Hypervisor is comodity as any other, and VMware is not charity. They want to make money of course. So they are "pulling the strings" hoping to move some users from free to at least "essential" kits to gather some more profit. And at the same time they do not want to make community using free ESXi-hypervisor so angry they move to other hypervisor. Because once they do, they will probably never come back, even if VMware removes some "obstacles".


                                  VMware is "dancing on the edge of a cliff" for some time. Maybe you remember what uproar VMware caused not long ago with extremely tight limit on RAM in free esxi. They have heard users loudly complaining (and I believe some of them moved elsewhere) so VMware moved this limit up, first to 32GB, and now removed altogether. But VMware found other way to push us slowly to the cash-desk. And again, they must be very carefull not to overdo it...

                                  • 44. Re: ESXi 5.5 Free Hypervisor Web Console
                                    Hot Shot

                                    I found this answer one of old post on the same ..as its marked correct.


                                    The web client is only available as part of vCenter 5.1. The 5.1 vSphere GUI client still provides the same functionality as the old one, only new features are exposed via the web client only. That's why it won't matter for the free hypervisor - there are no (GUI-configurable) new features to be exposed in a standalone, free license environment.


                                    I'm not sure how VMware intends to handle future versions of standalone free ESXi's if they really drop the vSphere Client for good. Maybe we'll get a host-based web client light like in the past or a more compact, basic GUI for managing standalone ESXi hosts.

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