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    VSA Cluster Service Status: Offline even though service is started.

    uwish Novice

      On VSA Manager tab on vSphere Client it shows as the screenshot bellow;

      05-11-2013 13-44-34.png

      On the SERVICES console on the vCenter Server (Windows physical machine) and the VSA Cluster Service is installed it shows "Running" as you can see on the screenshot below;

      05-11-2013 13-46-04.png


      Trying to "Repair VSA cluster Service" option on the VSA Manager I get the following error message;


      05-11-2013 13-52-20.png

      IMPOSSIBLE "VSA Manager" not be running if I am working with it!


      I've been with 3 VMware "engineers" so far over the phone. I have spent over 3 full days with them (12+ hours on the phone) trying to resolve this issue. NO LUCK!!


      If anyone have come across this and know how to resolve PLEASE shut out! I have done everything from reinstalling the whole vCenter server from scratch to simplest stuff like restarting services.

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