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    Update Manager

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      Hi folks, forgive me if this is the wrong place.


      We are running vCenter Server 5 Essentials with three hosts all running ESXi 5.0.0, 504890. I attempted to install a VM with the guest operating system Windows 2012 Server, however I learned it will not install and repeats itself rebooting over and over again. Anyways after some googling I learned I needed a patch to allow Server 2012 to be a guest O/S however I don't have update manager installed on my VCenter Server (which is virtualized 2008 R2 Server).


      So I proceeded to download the VMware vCenter Installer (Version 5.0) onto my VCenter server and attempted to install update manager, however I get this error message


      "The vCenter Server is incompatible with the VMware vSphere Update Manager you are installing. Please selection a compatible vCenter Server."


      At first I was mistakenly using version 5.5 Installer and getting the error. However I went back and downloaded the correct version (5.0) to match my environment and I still get the same error. Then I read briefly that you cannot use update manager on vCenter virtualized server. So I tried using another virtual server but still receive the same error message.


      Any info to shed some light or point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. I thank you in advice for your time and help!


      Message was edited by: Cbaur88 Version of VMware Installer I downloaded and tried 5.0.0-1343691 my version is 5.0.0-504890 did I just answer my own question? Do I need to physically update those three hosts with a newer build and or version of ESxi? Thanks!

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          raog Expert

          What version of VC are you using? VUM is tied to a particular version so for eg: If you have an 5.0 Update 1 VC, you need to install the 5.0u1 version of VUM.




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            Cbaur88 Enthusiast

            Thanks Girish, I am running version of VMware vCenter Server. I cannot seem to find this version on their website that includes VUM all I am seeing is version 5.0 Update 3? I am assuming or the best course of action would be to update my vCenter to that version and attempt to install VUM.

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              DominikF Lurker



              the version seems to be wrong. In the vSphere client -> Help -> About -> vCenter version


              VMware KB: Correlating vCenter Server and ESXi/ESX host build numbers to update levels




                Server 5.1 Update 1b
              vCenter Server 5.1 Update 1a22.05.201311239611123966
              vCenter Server 5.1 Update 125.04.201310649831065152
              vCenter Server 5.1.0b20.12.2012947673947939
              vCenter Server 5.1.0a25.10.2012880146880471
              vCenter Server 5.1 GA10.09.2012799731799735
              vCenter Server 5.0 U317.10.201313006001343691
              vCenter Server 5.0 U220.12.2012913577923238
              vCenter Server 5.0 U1b16.08.2012804277804276
              vCenter Server 5.0 U1a*12.07.2012755629757163
              vCenter Server 5.0 U115.03.2012623373639890
              vCenter Server 5.0 GA24.08.2011455964456005
              vCenter Server Appliance
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                Thanks for the replies, the issue was wrong version. I am many versions/updates behind, once I found the correct version I was successfully able to install update manager. Now I am weeding through and figuring out the correct update paths so I can get to 5.5. Thanks for help!