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    Waiting for loading ipmi_si_drv - disable IPMI on boot?

    juergensmd Lurker


      I am using an Supermicro X8SIL (without -F), a Xeon L3426, 16GiB ECC reg., ESXi 5.5!

      This board does not support IPMI, and I think there is no way to install an add-on card.

      The system is booting fast til the ipmi_si_drv is loading - after 10min. wait time - the system is booting fine and works without any problems.

      In the vsphere client the IPMI status is green! That's funny?

      Is there any chance to minimize the wait time of the IPMI driver while booting?

      Is there a modified ISO?

      Is it possible to disable the IPMI driver - I does not need this feature.


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