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      • 15. Re: Can't Upgrade to Windows 8.1 on Fusion 5
        MickeyP Novice

        The only installation I had available to me was an upgrade install (windows 8 was only initially available as an upgrade).  A fresh install failed with a bad activation key.


        My install was as fresh as I could make it - Started with Vista Ultimate (unpatched) and then upgrade (used option to NOT persist user files and programs/settings) to Windows 8.  Completely patched Windows 8.  Upgrade to 8.1 fail.    Tried disabling all non-required hardware devices in VM settings.  fail.   Tried uninstalling VMtools. fail.

        Hardware Overview:


          Model Name: MacBook Pro

          Model Identifier: MacBookPro10,1

          Processor Name: Intel Core i7

          Processor Speed: 2.7 GHz

          Number of Processors: 1

          Total Number of Cores: 4

          L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB

          L3 Cache: 8 MB

          Memory: 16 GB

          Boot ROM Version: MBP101.00EE.B02

          SMC Version (system): 2.3f36

          Serial Number (system): xxx

          Hardware UUID: xxx


        System Version: OS X 10.9 (13A598)

          Kernel Version: Darwin 13.0.0

          Boot Volume: Macintosh HD

          Boot Mode: Normal

          Computer Name: John’s MacBook Pro

          User Name: xxx

          Secure Virtual Memory: Enabled

          Time since boot: 3 days 10:31



             Professional Version 6.0.1 (1331545)



             windows 8 64-bit

             2 processors

             3 Gig RAM

             100 G HD (thin single file)
             tried both NAT and auto-detect
             disabled bluetooth

             disabled 3D acceleration 

        If you need logs or anything else, I'll be happy to provide.

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          mcg1969 Novice

          Excellent. Thank you for acknowledging this thread, DariusD. I have already filed a trouble ticket, and offered up my fill WindowsUpdate.log file.

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            MickeyP Novice

            Just did a clean install from a Windows 8 upgrade media.   Did not attempt to activate since I have no key for an install, only an upgrade.


            Patched Windows 8 to current.

            Went to store and ran 8.1 upgrade.




            Is there any log from both installs that I can compare or post that will assist?

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              jbattermann Lurker

              Got the same issue - VMWare Fusion 6.0.1 & Windows 8 Pro with latest Updates applied fails due to the aforementioned error. Update of 8 Pro on my desktop/pc machine worked perfectly fine. Re-installing 7 > 8 > 8.1 is not an option so really looking forward to a fix.

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                lingenfr Novice

                Same problem here. I got the options for Troubleshooting or to Turn off my PC. I've tried both. When I ran the troubleshooting and selected Refresh PC, it mentioned that the drive was locked and preventing the upgrade from completing. I don't want to hose my install, so I am reluctant to start tinkering. Hoping for a resolution as I try and keep this particular VM current. I also use Classic Shell. I am also having the problem of VMWare continually resizing my display to resolutions less that 1024x768 which prevents Store and some other apps from running. I would like to force it to leave my settings alone until I complete the update.

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                  whatistodaysOS Lurker

                  OK, I am just weighing in here with my two bits worth. My deal is that my upgrade from Win 8 to 8.1 fails the same way everyone in this thread fails.  My original Win 8 install was an upgrade from Vista Business to Win 8 back at the beginning of 2013.  All was flawless except I lost all my non-MS apps grrrr! (which the install warned) and it has run fine on Fusion 5 which is where I am today.  But I agree with lingenfr that the problem is the upgrade to 8.1 runs into a "locked" Windows OS.  I think this is a VMware issue because I successfully installed this upgrade on an non-VMware ancient Dell Dimension tower with no problems except it was weirdly slow.  I expected that upgrade to fail miserably and it didn't.  So now VMware has fallen strangely quiet in this thread.  Has anyone had any success with a simple work around to get Windows to unlock.  I have a hunch the quick start setting in Win 8 may figure into the equation somewhere.  In my Win 8 version with VMware 5 the option of turning off the quick start option does not exist.  Therefore I don't know if it quick starts in the Virtual machine or not.  Has this thread moved to some other topic?

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                    mcg1969 Novice

                    I've been searching threads on the Internet for these and similar error codes for days now. There are plenty of people receiving this exact error code who are not using VMWare. I'm afraid it is some sort of catch-all error for one of many problems that the upgrade process has not been specifically programmed to identify. Sure, I suspect there is a problem with VMWare's drivers, but it does them and us no good if Microsoft can't point us more precisely to the problems involved.

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                      dariusd Virtuoso
                      VMware EmployeesUser Moderators

                      Is there a particular error message that tells you the drive is "locked"?  If so, it might help if you could post the exact message or a screen shot.


                      Sorry if I haven't updated this thread for a few days, but I'd prefer only post when I have relevant and firm information to provide, and at the moment we still have very little in that department.


                      One interesting failure mode which we've discovered internally is that the 8.1 upgrade may fail cryptically if there is insufficient RAM assigned to the VM, but that led to a different error code (0x8007000E - 0x2000C).  Apparently its pre-upgrade checks are not terribly comprehensive...


                      We've noticed a strong-but-not-perfect correlation between the failure of the 8.1 upgrade with prior upgrades from "old" versions of Windows (i.e. fresh installations of Windows 8 are more likely to have a trouble-free upgrade to 8.1), but, again, nothing sufficiently concrete for me to post back here as any statement of fact.


                      And we continue to observe many folks reporting the same error code on physical machines, with no apparent rhyme or reason.  To be blunt, whatistodaysOS, I would not read much into your success with the Dell machine and failure in a VMware VM...  That's a small sample size when put into the same context as this Google search for affected users reporting the same problem on Microsoft's site.


                      Totally no offense intended... I'm merely trying to collect and help rationalize all the available data...





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                        mcg1969 Novice

                        Fair enough, Darius, as long as the VMWare folks are trying, we can't ask for much. There are plenty of non-VMWare users struggling with this too. And for the record, my Windows 8 VM is a fresh install from an ISO.

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                          whatistodaysOS Lurker

                          Hi Darius (and other contributors)

                          I take no offense at your comments and I agree my sample is really small.  To answer your questions, I don't have an error message to point about the locked Windows comment.  I can't get a screen shot because at this point in the install all functionality of Windows is gone.


                          Here's the process:


                          I go to the Windows store in Win 8.

                          The first store item is an offer to upgrade Win 8 Pro to Win 8.1 Pro...so I click that and immediately it opens a store window that asks me to click on a link to download the upgrade.  I click that and get a progress bar window that tells me it is doing things and after about 20-30 minutes it restarts Windows and I get a screen that asks me to pick the keyboard I want to use...I pick the US keyboard and it looks like it reboots and after a minute or so I get a totally blue screen with two icon choices on it.


                          The title says, "Choose an option"

                          The first option says, "Troubleshoot"

                          The other says, "Turn off your PC"...If I pick this one it shuts down.  If I start it now it grinds with a mostly black screen and then comes up with that banner telling me it can't upgrade to 8.1 and the original Windows will be restored.


                          If I open troubleshoot it give me three choices:


                          1. Refresh your PC - if I click this one it goes to a blue screen that announces "The drive where Windows is installed is locked. Unlock the drive and try again" and a "Cancel" button that takes you back to the previous blue screen.

                          2. Reset your PC - which offers to remove all your files - mmmm - NO - not going to click this one.

                          3. Advanced options with three more choices available after you click it:

                          a. System restore - not gonna click this

                          b. System image recovery - don't want to give this a shot either.

                          c. Startup repair - in a desperate funk I clicked this and threw all caution to the wind - next blue screen reports, "Startup repair couldn't repair your PC."  Well now, isn't that a fine pickle we are in?


                          Anyway, I am telling you this long story to explain where I got the idea the Windows drive is locked.


                          Hopefully this detail will add some grist to the mill and I do appreciate you are working on the issue.  Thanks

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                            lingenfr Novice

                            My system behaves exactly the same as whatistodaysOS. Like another poster, I upgraded from Vista Home Premium SP1 64-Bit. I am not too excited about hosing up my image, but if there is a way to "unlock" the drive, I would make a copy of my image and try it. At this point, I think it would be helpful if VMware could at least give us a set of testing procedures, etc. so that we could provide them with some useful data in a standard format for comparison. If they are already able to replicate the error and that would not be helpful, that is OK too.

                            • 26. Re: Can't Upgrade to Windows 8.1 on Fusion 5
                              KMPbos Lurker

                              Ditto this.  I created another VM, installed Windows 8, ran Windows Update, and then got the Store "Update Free" card.


                              I ran the update, and Windows 8.1 installed and seems to work.  (I didn't install VMware Tools in the interim - that seems like the one VMware-related difference between my new installation and the old.) 


                              So, it beats me.  Since I use these VMs primarily for testing, I may just keep the new one, but yes, it doesn't seem to just be VMware, and this "clean upgrade" worked for me as well (VMware Fusion 5).

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                                lingenfr Novice

                                I imagine, like some others, I don't have a clean install/upgrade option. Hopefully, VMW and M$ will figure something out.

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                                  fianna Lurker

                                  Hi All,


                                  MBP Retina 2013 16GB. Knocked myself out on this one for several days.  Tried all the other suggestions listed here, updates, remove AV and then some, including using alternate boot loaders/switches.

                                  What solved it and allowed me to successfully upgrade was uninstalling my Paragon HFS software for windows. (reinstalled and works fine after the upgrade)

                                  • 29. Re: Can't Upgrade to Windows 8.1 on Fusion 5
                                    KMPbos Lurker

                                    lingenfr, I hope so as well.  This isn't the first time I've had to rebuild a VM.  I'll keep the upgraded VM around for a while, and try a couple more times with the current 8.0 VM and post any progress that I make here.  If anyone from VMware support is interested, I'm happy to share any of my logs or configuration info.