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    Dumb Question - changing root passwords

    taylorb Expert

      I've been using the same root passwords for far too long in my vm hosts and need to change them for improved security.    The hosts are all added into Vcenter and into Clusters.    If I change the root password from the individial hosts,  is this going to break the link to vcenter?    I know you type in the root passwords when connecting host to vcenter, but then it installs vpxuser, so I would assume it shouldn't care if root changes after that.   I just wanted to confirm with someone who has done this recently.


      (ESXi 5.0 and 5.1 with Vcenter 5.1)

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          No, changing the root passwords does not affect the vCenter.  No links will be Broken. It Just authenticates the first time you add it into the vCenter server Inventory.

          You even have Power-Cli scripts to change passwords on multiple hosts at a single stretch to avoid the hassle.