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    E1000 virtual nic on Win 2003 R2 causing PSOD on ESXi 5.1 (PF Exception 14)

    wolf Enthusiast


      we migrated a VM running 2003 R2 64 bit from Hyper-V to ESXi 5.1 (build 1117900) using VMware Converter for V2V migration, which configured an Intel E1000 as NIC card (with Microsoft driver inside the VM)

      The migration went smooth and machine run fine for more than a month, but will little stress conditions.

      As soon as the machine started being stressed a bit, with some network transfers, we started getting PSOD as follows on the ESX node:



      After some reading in forums where this issue seemed more related to vmxnet3 than to e1000 (in fact many suggesting to go for e1000 ...), we did the following as per some findings around:


      1) Upgraded ESXi 5.1 to latest build (1157734, this was done without any specific indication this could sort the issue out)

      2) Installed Intel drivers instead of Microsoft ones (Intel Pro Set)

      3) Disabled TCP offloading in Intel Drivers.


      I will let you know if node will run more stable, but in the mean time I am asking for suggestions, if any.

      Unfortunately no ESX kernel dump was there so it is useless to open a call to VMware at present..

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