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    Nested ESXi 5.5 on Workstation 10 Networking issue

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      Hello All,



      I have an instance of VMware workstation 10 running on a HP z600 with hosts OS of RHEL 6u3 where I’m trying to host a nested instance of ESXi 5.5 for a lab environment.  I don’t have any network problems with guest OSs (Windows or Linux) using bridged vmnics on the workstation instance.  I’ve configure the ESXi server to also use a bridge vmnic.  I can connect to the ESX server fine from any workstation on my network with vSphere but I can’t connect to any vm hosting from the nested ESX server.  I've tried Linux and Windows VMs with the same result.  VMs don’t seem to have a problem obtaining a IPv4 config from my DHCP server (interesting).  From the VM I can’t ping the default router.  Ping indicates destination is unreachable.  I can ping the management IP on the ESX server from any workstation on my network but not any VM.  Both the ESX mgt network and vmnetwork are on the same vmnic.  Very simple config.  Any thoughts on where to start?


      Bridged network on VM workstation:


      ESX Settings on worksation:


      ESX vSwitch Settings:


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