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    VMware Tools Stuck Downloading After Upgrade to VMware Workstation 10

    FionaD Lurker

      I upgraded from VMware Workstation 8 on Windows 7 to VMware Worksation 10 on Windows 7. The first guest I started up successfully upgraded VMware Tools with no problem. The next one (a Windows Server 2008 R2 image) is stuck downloading the tools, or so it says. On bootup it offered me the upgrade tools option at the bottom of the window, and when I selected that, it said "VMware Tools installation cannot be started until the current download finishes." If I go to the VMware menu, it says "Downloading VMware Tools" where it should say Upgrade VMware Tools. I've rebooted the guest a couple times. I deleted the virtual floppy in case it was related to that old problem with virtual floppies, but no help. This image doesn't always have internet access, but I gave it internet access, and that didn't help. Anybody else seen this? Any suggestions?