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    How to exit instead of END

    mcmh Novice

      I very new to HOL- can anybody tell me how to exit from the alb instead of END the lab the only i can  use it again

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          You may have as many lab sessions as you like including taking the same topic multiple times to cover all of the content.


          We cannot keep your lab running due to scalability concerns.  Therefore, each time you begin a session on a topic, you connected to a new lab instance.  It is not possible to exit and return to the same lab instance.





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            mcmh Novice

            HI bill



            Thank you for your answer  ,

            So you meant that we can Retake the lab when we need it back again the lab from beginning  a new session .right ?

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              Yes.  You can retake the lab as many times as you like.  You can choose to start at a different place in the manual but it must be the start of a module in the lab manual.

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                koshur Lurker

                if we cannot exit the session why does it say this: "Note: Not all tenants include the Exit option. The Exit option must be configured by the VMware Learning Platform technical staff when they provision you tenant."

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                  DougBaer Master
                  VMware Employees

                  That message is part of the VMware Learning Platform system that we use to host the labs. For some use cases, it is possible to Exit and return to the labs, if the environment has been configured to enable that.


                  Typically, the environments which allow the user to maintain a running lab environment that consumes resources are the for-pay environments.


                  Hands-on Labs is a freely available service, based on a back end infrastructure that must be shared by hundreds of users each day. Consequently, we are unable to provide an extended allocation of resources that may be sitting idle and waiting for users to return, so that feature is not enabled.