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    HOWTO: I'd like to change the "help" menu in the VAMI interface -- this is the menu on the right hand side that has "Application Home"| Help | Logout user root

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      I have found that in my finished virtual appliance, if  I go to the https://systemname:5480  (VAMI login with the system network and update menus) that there is a menu on the  right hand side.

      This menu has "Application Home" | "Help" | and Logout.    I noticed that if a user clicks on THIS help, they get a link to the VMwareStudio documentation...  I would rather have a link to actual help on this VAMI menu, maybe its options such as setting the System,  Network and Update options?  Is it possible to get a "canned" link like this or can I make my own help for this link -- it seems "unfinished" to have a link in a released product that goes to a documentation on "how to build this product." I dug through the manual but maybe I have missed this somewhere?