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    Deploy vApp template with NAT across Organizations

    Chrigoli Enthusiast

      Hi All


      We have set up a productive vCloud Director 5.1.2 environment which works quite good so far. We have one Organization called LIBRARY which contains all our template vApps in a published and shared catalog. Beside this we have a couple of Organizations for each department like Engineering.

      Some of the template vApps in the catalog are configured with an internal network (172.20.20.x) which is connected to the external network "External V520 VMS-Net" with NAT option.


      The issue is now the following:

      If I want to create a vApp in Engineering by deploying the vApp template from the shared catalog in LIBRARY, it fails for vApps which have NAT configured with connection to the external network.

      "Specified parent network External V520 VMS-Net (com.vmware.vcloud.entity.network.<ID>) is invalid. Either it is inaccessible in the VDC or it is not part of the correct organization".


      All Orgs have the same external networks (they have the same names). But I assume that vCD does check the internal object ID (like com.vmware.vcloud.entity.network:ee4e320c-96cb-4b0d-8349-355881a19e12) instead of the name (like External V520 VMS-Net).


      Screenshots are attached.


      Anyone facing the same issue or having an idea how to work around this?


      Thanks and regards


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          cfor Expert

          Sort of...  We do not get any errors like this so that is a little different.


          We do a similar thing, we have a "catalog" org, and our many orgs link to the same external network (in many cases) but vCloud treats each orgs networks as different.

          We named our orgs networks the same to make it a little more clear, but at deploy in the gui users need to pick the network.

          If using the API to deploy (like we are in most cases) you can look at the template network configure to get the network name, and do a rewire at instantiate by finding the org network with the same name.  Using the same name made the matching easier.

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            Chrigoli Enthusiast

            Thanks cfor for the hint with the API.

            Unfortunately we do not use the API. Our vCD is kind of a self-service platform for all engineers (about 100) in our company, so the API is not a solution for us.


            I have an update on this from VMWare support:

            Seems that a fix for this will be included in next patch 5.1.3 and also in vCD 5.5.

            Is partially the same issue like one of my colleagues had in another thread:

            vApp Template loses vShield FW rules when deployed...